Chapter 2: Ready, set, go!

It's pronounced like Yash, actually, chapter 2: Ready, Set, Go! Oversleeping isn’t exactly a term you can truthfully use when you have nothing to do to be late for. It can still be applied, however, to someone who not only needs to wake up in a timely manner in order to adjust to a new... Weiterlesen →


Snapshot: Bus

Friday, November 24th, 2017 Something about Iasi is tense today, as if the city is walking with hunched shoulders and hurried steps through the busy streets near its train station. A frenetic energy clouds my thoughts, or it might be the combination of the buzzing engines and puffs of exhaust as each bus that I... Weiterlesen →

A Side Note

I'm grateful for the feedback I've received so far on the revival of this blog. It's very encouraging, considering how rusty I feel in writing! But "writing" seems to be the Big Issue coming into my life this November. Not only am I cautiously attempting NaNoWriMo (without any preparation or planning and only the barest... Weiterlesen →

Fulbrighting in Romania, Chapter 1: Arrival

"It's pronounced like "Yash," actually." Pronunciation guide: Bucuresti = Bucharesht Multumesc = muhlts-oo-mehsk ("eh" like "meh") Cu placere = koo plah-chair-ay (Forgive my lack of both the Romanian diacritics and IPA notation--I figured this would just be easier for people to read and also learn a little...hell, learn Romanian with me!). 1 Arrival Stripes and... Weiterlesen →

ARCHIVE: Amsterdam(n)!

Sometimes your original plan doesn't happen: my original thought had been to spend the long weekend we have for Easter in Brussels and Amsterdam. As it turned out, I cancelled my two days in Brussels and stayed in Heidelberg to finish recuperating from a cold. I had also waited too long to book everything I... Weiterlesen →

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