me pigMariah Ligas: noun. Small, loud, language-obsessed, internationally curious future teacher.

to meander: verb. To wander or rove about seemingly without end destination.

If I can take the linguistic liberty to use „meander“ in the sense of wandering or roving without any particular end in mind at all, then the term suits me just fine.

Welcome to my revived blog. I created this page almost four years ago at the start of my first long-term adventure abroad, when I lived and studied in Heidelberg, Germany, during the 2013-2014 school year. German language had been and is still my passion. I spent my time in Germany absorbing language and culture, seeing and experiencing more than I had ever hoped for, and forming myself as a (hopefully) internationally-savvy and engaged person. That trip became a lifetime crammed into one year, and Heidelberg became my heart’s home.

Now, after returning to the United States and finishing my BA in German and Theatre Arts with a minor in French and my MS for PreK-12 Education, both from McDaniel College, I have the opportunity to spend significant time abroad again–I spent the summer 0f 2017 in Ramallah, Palestine, and am now in awe at the possibilities my life holds during a Fulbright year in Iasi, Romania. My time in Iasi will be the subject of this revitalized blog (if you’re interested in my experiences in Palestine, feel free to ask).

My goal is to record new experiences and learning moments here, whatever they may evolve into. This round of adventure will hopefully include a much more regularly-updated blog compared to my last attempt, along with a smoother look and more interactive pages for readers (travel tips, language learning anecdotes, and maybe reviews and recommendations of places I visit).

Plunging into language and culture has always been a vital part of my travel experiences. Feel free to follow along as I push myself to my extrovert limit (if I have one), play with all kinds of new words, and meet as many new people as possible. German will always be my closest language companion after English, but French, Arabic, and Romanian will be the stars of their own shows in turn.

Let me know if you have any questions–if I can’t answer them right away, I’ll go find out!

The lessons that Heidelberg taught me have shaped who I am today as I go into these new adventures. In fact, the Uni Heidelberg has two slogans that I rather like and try to keep in mind as I discover what’s next: „Semper apertus,“ meaning „always open“ and „dem lebendigen Geist,“ or „to the living spirit.“ I’d like to keep my mind always open, although I’m not sure yet to whose spirit I’m writing. Maybe figuring that part out is my end destination, after all.

Adventure is out there.

If you like my writings, pictures, and musings, and feel like supporting a public school teacher with a variety of interests, here’s a link to my Buy Me a Coffee page! I appreciate any support is greatly appreciated! Help me out here 🙂  Similarly, my Venmo is @MCLigas.



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