-Weigh your bags before you get to the airport, because if both your suticases are overweight and you have to check them both, you might end up without a change of clothes or until you get through customs and baggage check in the destination country. And that’s kinda grody.

-That being said, pack another change of clothes in the bag you do bring with you instead of eight books and a laptop. Not only would that have been more helpful, but walking through the Frankfurt airport holding that thing awkwardly in front of you is no fun.

-Read the directions when trying to get a baggage cart. Otherwise the man next to you will look at you pityingly and politely point out that you need to pay 2 euro and press down on the handle…just like it says in big letters, right there, on the cart. Can you tell I’m not from here?

-No one in the airport bathroom will judge you for washing your face. And if they do, who cares? It will make you feel ten times better, so do it anyway.


-When buying something from a little pastry shop, go to the cash register of the person who handed you the pastry. From the looks they gave me I got the idea that it was rude of me to go the next register to pay (in my defense, the girl I bought from had another customer immediately and I was trying to help get through the line quickly. But still).

-Do not assume what the weather will be like. Check it. Jeans sucks when it’s 27 degrees C.

-People are usually super willing to help! Seriously, just ask! Timidity never helped anyone.

-Try the wine. You might sorta like it.

-Getting a cell phone is a pain in the ass. Ask people who have done it successfully and do what they did.

-No need to mention that you’re American. People can either tell or will ask. Otherwise they really don’t care.

-Say yes to new kinds of food.

-The sooner you normalize your sleep schedule, the better.


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