Chapter 10: Closer to Home

"It's Pronounced like 'Yash,' actually," chapter 10: Closer to Home Pure blue sky and hills still coated in sparkling white snow made the perfect background for the monastery, quiet and regal at the top of the hill. Monica and I stopped for pictures at the entrance (and so I could pet a chatty monastery cat)... Weiterlesen →


Chapter 9: Reunions in London

It's Pronounced like 'Yash,' Actually, chapter 9: Reunions in London I resisted checking the time on my phone again, and a beat later did it anyway. I couldn’t help it—I had been hiding in this bathroom stall for almost forty minutes, and I was getting restless. Moments ago, my heart had leapt in my chest... Weiterlesen →

Chapter 8: Holiday Spirits

It's Pronounced like 'Yash,' actually, chapter 8: Holiday Spirits Sophia’s hand squeezed mine as we shoved through the crowd, breaking temporarily into an empty space where we could breathe and reorient ourselves. I felt a twinge of guilt at having chosen to cut through the packed, ever-forward-shuffling mass of people in front of the stage... Weiterlesen →

Chapter 7: Craiova

It's Pronounced like 'Yash,' actually, chapter 7: Craiova I doubled over, the laughter coming out of me in woops and gasps. Tugba stared at me in bewilderment, and all I could do to explain myself was point at the source of my amusement and gasp out, “That duck—has—a pom-pom!” Tugba blinked at me again, not... Weiterlesen →

Chapter 6: Andorra

"It's pronounced like 'Yash,' actually" chapter 6: Andorra The bus chugged along, following the road that snaked through the dragon-back mountains as we edged further into the Pyrenees.   I had been travelling for almost twelve hours to get from Iasi, Romania, to the tiny mountain country of Andorra, and I was zombie-tired. In the... Weiterlesen →

Chapter 5: Ruginoasa

It's Pronounced Like 'Yash,' Actually, chapter 5: Ruginoasa Vlad laughed to himself as my eyes remained glued to the horse and wagon, tracking it until it vanished down the street. The animal had clopped along at a crisp pace, hardly minding the cars that whizzed past on the road mere feet away. The sole rider... Weiterlesen →

Chapter 4: Chernowitz, Ukraine

It's Pronounced Like 'Yash,'Actually, chapter 4: Chernowitz, Ukraine Golden leaves fell slowly, gently fluttering through the crisp air like droplets of sun floating to earth. Monica and I stood, frozen by the beauty of the autumn colors around us. Only the wind rustling through the tops of the trees dared disturbed the shushed awe that... Weiterlesen →

Update: Style Change

Happy Saturday, friends, just to let you know that I'm intending on switching up how I write these. I want to cut back on my habit of laboriously describing everything, every event and moment in these chapters. I'm going to move towards picking the most important moments, the ones that really stick out to me... Weiterlesen →

Chapter 3: Orientation

I greeted Virgil with an over-the-top wave, and his usually passive, somewhat glum-looking face turned into a smile. The afternoon light was fast waning in Bucharest as we returned to the Pensiunea, and the same woman at the front desk also smiled to see me again. I dumped my bag and full-body-flopped onto the bed,... Weiterlesen →

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